Chock-Dee’s Recipes

We have found that you can pretty much give a dog suffering with ME any food as long as it it blended. And the biggest factor with Chock-dee is the texture and consistency of what she is eating.

She is currently still at a weight we are not entirely happy with but she isn’t bringing up the food which is a blessing in itself. Recently her recipes have been mainly made up of the following:

  • Hill’s Science Prescription Diet Critical Care
  • Store branded canned dog food
  • Pedigree dry food
  • High end dog or cat food like Caesar and Sheba

First of all we put a good handful of the Pedigree dry food in a bowl and pour over boiling hot water and leave to stand until the biscuit have soaked up the water. Put those into the blender and add the can of dog meat. Blend these two things together until smooth, adding extra water if necessary. We have found that the dry food requires more water adding, usually when we have stored the food in the fridge overnight it will need some hot water adding to alter the consistency and take the chill off the food. This mix we will feed her if we don’t have the critical care food in the cupboard.

The combinations she loves the most is 1/2 can of critical care food and 1 can of the store brand dog food blended together. We don’t put a lot of water with this one if we are storing it overnight for the same reasons mentioned above. Next week we will stock up on the critical care food after pay day, this stuff isn’t cheap unfortunately so we do the best we can do on our budget. That is where the high end dog or cat food comes into the equation, it is easier on the wallet than the Hill’s Science but usually contains more calories than standard dog food because the food has better cuts of meat and generally a better overall quality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! We bought some BBQ pork from a street vendor and blended that with some standard dog food to make it tastier for her. Remember consistency is the key!


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